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Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands, is a captivating blend of ancient history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. Its sun-drenched beaches, medieval towns, and rich historical sites make it a top destination for travelers from around the globe. Catering to this diverse clientele, Rhodes offers a wide variety of accommodations, ranging from luxurious resorts to charming boutique hotels, traditional inns, and budget-friendly options. This guide delves into the array of lodging available, ensuring you find the perfect place to stay while exploring the island’s wonders.

Luxurious Beachfront Resorts

For those seeking a lavish retreat, Rhodes is dotted with premium resorts along its stunning coastline. These establishments provide the ultimate in comfort and luxury, featuring private beaches, world-class spas, gourmet restaurants, and infinity pools with breathtaking sea views. They are ideal for travelers looking to indulge in a pampering holiday experience.

Highlight: Lindos Blu Luxury Hotel & Suites

Perched above the tranquil Vlycha Bay, Lindos Blu Luxury Hotel & Suites offers an exclusive adults-only getaway. With its sophisticated design, exceptional service, and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, it’s a sanctuary of relaxation and romance.

Boutique Hotels and Historic Inns

Rhodes is rich in history, and many accommodations are nestled within beautifully restored buildings that offer a glimpse into the island’s past. Boutique hotels and historic inns provide a unique and intimate lodging experience, combining traditional architecture with modern amenities. These options are perfect for culture enthusiasts and those looking for a more personalized stay.

Highlight: Melenos Lindos Exclusive Suites

Located near the ancient acropolis of Lindos, Melenos Lindos Exclusive Suites is set in a traditional 17th-century house, offering stunning views and intricately decorated suites that reflect the island’s historical charm.

Family-Friendly Hotels and Villas

For families traveling to Rhodes, there are numerous hotels and villas equipped to cater to the needs of both adults and children. These accommodations often feature spacious family rooms, kid’s clubs, playgrounds, and pools, ensuring a fun and comfortable stay for guests of all ages.

Highlight: Rodos Palladium Leisure & Wellness

Situated on the beautiful Kallithea beach, Rodos Palladium Leisure & Wellness boasts a wide range of family-friendly amenities, including a large pool, various sports facilities, and entertainment programs for children.

Budget-Friendly Hostels and Guesthouses

Rhodes also offers a variety of affordable lodging options for budget-conscious travelers. Hostels, guesthouses, and budget hotels provide clean and comfortable accommodations without the hefty price tag. These are great choices for backpackers, solo travelers, and anyone looking to explore Rhodes without breaking the bank.

Highlight: Stay Hostel Rhodes

Located in Rhodes Town, Stay Hostel Rhodes is a modern and stylish hostel offering a range of budget-friendly room options, a communal kitchen, and a cozy lounge area, making it a popular choice among young travelers and backpackers.

Self-Catering Apartments and Studios

For those preferring the flexibility to cook their own meals or seeking a longer-term stay, self-catering apartments and studios are widely available across Rhodes. These accommodations offer the convenience of home-like amenities, including kitchens or kitchenettes, in addition to providing an authentic living experience on the island.

Highlight: Filoxenia Cozy

Located in the picturesque village of Lindos, Filoxenia Cozy offers beautifully furnished apartments with fully equipped kitchens, combining the comfort of home with the beauty of traditional Greek architecture.

Choosing the Right Accommodation

Selecting the perfect accommodation on Rhodes depends on your preferences, budget, and the type of vacation you’re looking for. Whether it’s the luxury of a beachfront resort, the charm of a boutique hotel, the practicality of a family-friendly villa, the affordability of a hostel, or the independence of a self-catering apartment, Rhodes has something to suit every traveler’s needs.


Rhodes, with its diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, offers a broad spectrum of accommodations to cater to the myriad preferences of its visitors. From luxurious resorts to quaint inns, family-oriented hotels, budget-friendly lodgings, and independent apartments, there’s an ideal place for everyone to stay on this enchanting Greek island. By choosing the right base, you can ensure an unforgettable experience exploring all that Rhodes has to offer.